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Today marks the second shift in the last month where I came home crying after work D'X

A coworker of mine, they're (keeping it neutral for confidentiality) so mean and I just can't take it.

The first shift I came home crying, they would always yell at me. I would get in their way at their station and they would scream at me because its 'theirs' and I 'shouldn't have to worry'.. But this job is a teamwork job and I tried to just help them and ended up shot down....
 In addition I was told to go make a drink with some modifier ( which I did) and then they came and asked me 'did you make it with____" to which I replied yes. But I guess they didn't hear me cuz they asked louder and sounded like they were losing patience. So I answered 'yes!' Louder... But they took it the wrong way and yelled at me saying that they didn't need the attitude and that they only asked if I made it the way it was said... Not only that, they (kay so ima give up and say she cuz guys don't start this drama) *she* said it loud enough for the customers to hear and went to tell the coworkers what I 'did'... I was going to cry then and there but I just stayed silent and just ignored everyone.
 That was the first shift she got to me. The one she did BEFORE wasnt that bad.. But I was stressing out making food for customers because I wasn't familiar with how they were made (cuz usually I make drinks) and I asked someone to make it for me because at my job we want to keep times down. But I don't remember what happened, I don't wanna make assumptions of what she did... But long story short I was shot down somehow and was stuck making food I didn't know what to do, with no one telling me how it was done and people watching me... Judging...
So I told my manager I wasn't comfortable with her and asked to pay attention if I am shifter with her... He said they'll keep an eye out...

Anyway today was different but the same. The same because she was just plain chatty, rude and menacing. I actually came into work terrifies because I saw she was working (that's a bad sign!). No manager, same supervisor that was there last time
Now most of the things that happened tonight weren't towards me, but I felt like I was to blame because I did nothing about it and I didn't know what to do and I can't tolerate what happens!
One of the things that happened is that this one woman ordered two drinks and asked for a sleeve at the window of the drive thru. Now the coworker was just having one of her rants about the difference between a double cup and a sleeve. Now, as a fast food restaurant, we strive to get low times in drive thru. So asking for a sleeve at the window, it isn't too bad but it does add time to  our clock. Anyway upon asking for the sleeve the coworker muttered under her breath 'seriously?!' With low low patience........ The customer heard her >.<'
The convo went something like this:
Customer: yes, seriously
Coworker: .. Are you talking to me?!
Customer : uh, yea! I wanted a sleeve so don't seem so so angry!
Coworker: well I wasn't even talking to you! I wasn't even directing that to anybody I was talking to myself
Customer:well it sure seemed like it was directed to me! I mean I'm right here!
Coworker:  okay, I'm way in here and you're out there! So don't go assuming when I say something in here its directed to you!
Me:... Have a nice day? *handing customer drinks *
Customer: I DONT APPRECIATE THIS!*Pissed off
Me: I'm so sorry >.<'

And basically the coworker then went to other workers calling her a f****** b**** and saying that she only said it cuz she spilled milk *cough cough lies* I was there so i knew she was lying. But I didn't start shit cuz she's a popular worker there and I would have enlarged the fire.but I felt so alone because only I knew the woman was hurt and that the coworker started it :/ what made it worse is that she was saying it super loud so OTHER customers heard what she was saying.
 Another thing (gunna make it brief) she complained about a different customer about them being an ass to the customer who WAS that 'ass' (if you don't understand its like I go to your restaurant and act like an asshole, and then the next time I come by you tell me about what I did the last time referring to me as 'this one customer') talking about customers to customers should be the worst thing , punishable by being fired (there was a fancier word... I forgot).
Finally this one nice woman who comes in with her child came in. The coworker immediately ran to me and told me to take that woman's order. Then I did and while making her drinks and as she went to go get and put her child in the car( cuz she was running all over) the coworker why this woman was so fat and insulting her child and her size and everything. Sure she wasn't a twig, but she wasn't too big! Not big to call her fucking fat (I mean come on! We work at a friggin donut shop for heaven's sake!). And she even discussed this woman's size with (guess who!) ANOTHER CUSTOMER!!!!!!!! They were judging her parenting and everything! Given the fact yes her child is restless her parenting is not for you to control! If she raises her child like that good for her! However I do agree some control is necessary, BUT DONT BRING IN HER SIZE BECAUSE OF HER CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I don't mean to spill all this on you guys.... But even though the customers didn't know about it and therefore weren't hurt, I was. Because I didn't know what to do, I couldn't say anything without starting shit and I was scared and saddened already! I mean if I did ONE THING WRONG she'd yell at me and tell me what to do and judge me and stuff..... But the minute my worker friend Matt or the supervisor say 'oh that was my fault' she says 'oh well I'm sorry' or 'well you're the supervisor so I can't tell YOU what to do'... But with me she gives me a speech on how to do stuff right and like her because apparently in her eyes and indirectly she is saying you suck and I hate you to me.

Heads up! Do not theorize its a bad day for her! She is always like this: to me, to customers about coworkers about customers. I don't like working with her because I get scared for me and the customers because one wrong move will start a hurricane :'( in addition she would pin blame on me for various things X(

In conclusion I came home crying with nobody to talk to really about this..... Thanks for taking the time to read what has happened within the last month at work.
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Wow so I haven't updated my life in a while heheh XD

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this bio is long and hopefully i can prolong it? idk XD
I'm 17 (weuuuu!~) and still under 5ft (said tape measurers)
i is canadian asian adopted from China (dont ask me about my "bio" parents cuz i have no clue :P)
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